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I have 13 years of experience developing software reaching back into college work well outside of class. I have a BS in Mathematics from Purdue with Minors in Computer Science and Physics. I have worked on open source, government and commercial software doing modeling and simulation, oil and gas software, clients and servers, GUIs and a host of other things I can't even remember now.

I started programming in elementary and middle school with some cryptic and strange "programming" on a Timex Sinclair and a Commodore 64. Eventually came the PC and QBasic. In college, I started getting annoyed at some embedded code in an internet game and started fixing/improving/writing from scratch entire applications. Then I started fixing the server -- this included implementing exception handling in a stack-based embedded byte-code compiler and interpreter. Then I started on open source software. Oh, then I started taking Computer Science classes.

Graduation led to work on government and commercial software including parallel discrete even simulation running faster-than or at real-time in C++, oil and gas work in C++, more modeling and simulation for NASA in C and C++, GUI development in Java and Flex/AS3 and a bunch of other things.

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