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Even though I currently am not a developer in my main job, I guess the virus never leaves you once it has taken hold. So I develop iPhone and iPad games in my free time, with a view on perhaps taking that further (and obviously get filthy rich in the process :)). In order to aid that "getting rich" bit, here you find pointers to those apps:

I've found many an answer here on StackOverflow, mainly about Objective C and iPhone/iPad related subjects. I've also found Drupal answers on many occasions. My experience being that the answers here usually are much higher in quality than what I find elsewhere.

In fact, I found so many answers here that I decided my karma made it necessary to return the gift. My specialties professionally have to do with PDF, PostScript, various Adobe and Apple applications and a whole range of publishing and printing applications. To a lesser extent HTML/PHP/JavaScript, Drupal, CSS and CASS. So that usually is what you'll see me write about.

In the interest of full disclosure, I currently have ties to a range of companies. I try not to let those color my posts but in the interest of objectivity, here they are: callas software, axaio software, Remote Director, Elpical, Color Logic, PrintFactory, ProofMaster, Global Vision and Four Pees.

Oh - yes, I do consulting jobs as well. Especially when they involve travel to fun countries, exciting new subjects, workflow optimisation, user interface and user experience expertise and interesting, smart and fun people.

And if you need a guide to visit Ghent - that's always fun.

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