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Lead developer with over 21 years experience of RDBMS application design. Oracle Forms / Reports, PL/SQL, ASP.NET and god-like at Classic ASP, HTML and Javascript. Recently (past three and a bit years), jumped into IOS development.

I'm married, before you ask, as I am stunningly beautiful. I have two gorgeous kids - girl 9, a boy 4.

Have been using Stackoverflow for some time. I find it a wholly invaluable resource, and a great little community. I rarely go hunting, to answer many questions, as I'm always stuck for time. In fact, I struggle to figure how most, 'active', developers have time to devote, and answer as fully as they do. My hat is definitely off to them. No, I'm more of a creamer; I use the site for my own personal gain. One day, I might be able to impart more of my experience and potentially assist others.

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