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comment Why VS2010 Express throws unsafe Threading error but command line csc.exe does not?
It doesn't have anything to do with the compiler. This is a runtime error, you get it in the IDE because you use a debugger. When you run it from the command line you don't use a debugger. It is backwards compatibility for bugs.
comment EXE (plus dependant DLLs) copied to temp folder and launched still loads DLLs from original folder
Use Fuslogvw.exe, log all binds. Show us the trace for one of the DLLs it loads.
revised A property or indexer may not be passed as an out or ref parameter
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comment Multiple thread using ThreadPool and use of CountdownEvent
You already have the code sample. Maybe you'll understand it if you replace Signal() with SubtractCount(). When the Wait() returns, you have a guarantee that it counted down to 0. Which provides you with the guarantee that all threadpool threads finished their job.
comment How to Convert a WPF location to Winforms location and vice versa?
The unit of measurement in WPF in inches, not pixels. Google "wpf convert inches to pixels" for obvious hits.
comment i8086 assembly: CF vs OF and SF
The last bullet is wrong, an 8-bit byte can only encode 2**8 = 256 distinct values. If you interpret it as a signed number then it can encode -128..127 and you use the OF flag to detect overflow. If you interpret it as an unsigned number then it can encode 0..255 and you use CF. If the range is not sufficient then you need more bits.
comment Create image from parent picturebox graphics (not background image)
Hard to guess what "opacity effect" might mean. Just don't use the Panel, use the picturebox' Paint event to achieve the same effect. Set the Graphics.CompositingMode property and draw with, say, Graphics.FillRectangle().
comment Enabling Alignment on a multi-line textbox
"Courier New" does not have a dash.
comment LINQ deferred execution - why is it not considering the change from the result of Enumerable.Range?
The enumeration is deferred, not the building of the query.
comment LINQ deferred execution - why is it not considering the change from the result of Enumerable.Range?
And thank heavens it works that way.
comment Multiple MsgBoxes
It made my eyes bleed, but the last two MsgBox() calls belong inside an Else block. Don't write code like this.
comment Are there restrictions on the selection on which the execCommand executes?
Sure, don't expect too much. It does the same thing as you typing Ctrl+X when you use Internet Explorer to visit the same page. Surely it doesn't work then either. You'll have to deal with that.
comment DeviceIoControl always return fail with error code 50 (ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED)
Wrong handle, no doubt. That IOCTL is only valid on a disk device. You'll have to find the disk after the USB device was inserted, much the same as this question.
answered How to enter in the body of a destructor in MS VS 2010?
comment Inconsistency in TypeConverter behavior?
It is not a bug. From the MSDN description of TypeConverter.IsValid: "The IsValid method is used to validate a value within the type rather than to determine if value can be converted to the given type. For example, IsValid can be used to determine if a given value is valid for an enumeration type."
comment BinaryReader, BinaryFormatter - are they portable?
Odd to pick on BinaryFormatter, BinaryWriter is a lot worse. The reader just produces complete garbage when the writer changes, the odds for an exception are not very good.
answered How do I snap a borderless Form to the edges of a screen?
revised Should Resource IDs be unique in my shared MFC DLLs
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comment How can I develop Windows Phone applications without having an Intel i3/i5/i7 CPU?
No. Talk to your teacher, surely your school has some machines available that allow you to test your app.
comment Make a public class only extensible within an assembly?
You are probably looking for [AttributeUsage] with Inherited set to false.