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Formerly active in the MSDN forums as a contributor, moderator and MVP using the "nobugz" nick. It didn't take me long to decide to switch bases, the SO team knows how to put a Q+A site together. Great job.

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comment How to set an assembly as “fully trusted” in .NET 4?
The point of delay-signing is to still be able to survive a strong name validation. It only works on the machine where the delay signing was done. Hard to believe this is a real problem.
comment Call garbage collector after ImageList.Items.Clear()?
This went wrong a long time ago, you forgot to dispose the images after you added them to the ImageList. That it makes a copy of the image isn't exactly crystal-clear.
comment .NET Framework Version relationship with C# language version
The C# compiler doesn't care that much that you use an ancient .NET version. Unless you use a feature that requires framework support, like dynamic or Linq. Optional arguments don't need any.
comment Visual Studio Increase Memory
OutOfMemoryException has nothing to do with the amount of RAM you have. A 32-bit process has a 2 gigabyte virtual memory address space. If you want to use more then you'll have to build the program to use 64-bit code. Simple to do for a managed program, just remove the jitter forcing with Project + Properties, Build tab.
comment how to print a panel winform
There is no event handler for printDocument1's PrintPage event. So sure, nothing to look at. Drawing it in the form's OnPaint() method makes no sense.
answered Reading an int that's updated by Interlocked on other threads
comment C# Interface Debug Information not linked to sources
Hard to make sense of this, the C# compiler is not involved in any of this. The Visual Studio IDE doesn't depend on the PDB file since it usually missing or out-of-date until the project is built. Using Go to Definition gives you a decent rendering of the interface as retrieved from the metadata of a reference assembly.
comment Any Hotkey I want to register seems to already be taken
Using a hash for the id is nonsense, a hash collision produces undiagnosable failure. Just use a counter. The pinvoke declarations are wrong, SetLastError = true is necessary to provide a decent error message when the code fails. Not throwing a Win32Exception when a winapi call fails makes failure very hard to diagnose. There is no hint at all that this code needs to be called from the form's OnHandleCreated() override. Which certainly can run multiple times, your hotkey simply stops working when it does.
comment Any Hotkey I want to register seems to already be taken
This code has many deep flaws. Keep looking for something better.
comment Two things about source code of struct DataTime in c#
MaxTicks has many references. Avoid using a disassembler, they are not good at converting constants back to source.
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comment Aggregate multiple events into one interface
It is pretty unclear why code that uses the interface would not be treated to the same "easy way". That there can only be one object to get these callbacks doesn't sound correct either when you use the word "classes".
comment What is Sapi Server in windows Phone 7
Sapi is the Speech API. It provides voice synthesis and speech recognition.
comment RS232 number of bytes recieved
The oddly named ClearCommError() returns this info. You get pending errors (don't ignore them) and a COMSTAT whose cbInQueue member gives you the same value as SerialPort::BytesToRead.
comment Application showing an exception“file not found ”
Do not use FileInfo.Name when opening the FileStream. That's only the name of the file, not the full path of the file. So is guaranteed to fail when you pick a file from another directory. You must use ofd.FileName instead.
comment Aggregate multiple events into one interface
This doesn't look good. As written, class A does not implement the interface. So there is no obvious reason for it to also have to fire its own events. Choose between callbacks or events, don't do both.
answered Add /MT compile flag to project
answered windows forms can't add more components
comment Read and write data via Serial Port to LOG screen using MultiThreading C#
Serial ports are pretty slow. But at ~1000 chars per second typically, still a wholeheckofalot faster than a human can ever read. And when you never remove any text, eventually faster than the UI thread can keep up with. So it just goes catatonic, trying to keep appending and scrolling megabytes worth of text and never being able to catch up.
comment Problems in VB6 with DOMDocument60 (xml) in Windows 8.1
Try this snippet. Note the preserveWhiteSpace property.