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comment Why does variable length not increase the size of the assembly?
Project + Properties, Build tab, Advanced, File Alignment property. Your changes need to generate more than 512 bytes of MSIL/Metadata to reliably get the file size to increase. The name of the local variable is not in fact stored in the executable file, the decompiler retrieved it from the PDB file.
comment How can I estimate the amount of memory freed before a call to GC.Collect()?
That's not possible. When you see a program failing to allocate unmanaged memory then suspecting a problem with the GC is not exactly the first thing to look for.
comment Loading and using DLLs
You are almost certainly heading the wrong way. If you need data values to "remain" while a DLL is unloaded then you need a file.
comment Loading and using DLLs
Code is shared. Not data. If data sharing across processes is required then it is up to you to declare a shared section in the DLL. #pragma section in the MSVC++ compiler with the shared attribute. Not otherwise fundamentally different from a memory mapped file.
revised Recursive serialization causing stack overflow error in vc10/11 but not in vc9
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comment How to inspect a COM object in the debugger's Locals window?
You are using late binding, you didn't add a reference to the type library nor ran Tlbimp.exe. Yes, easy to do with the dynamic keyword, as long as you typed the identifier names correctly anyway. COM does not support Reflection so the debugger cannot easily discover the member names.
comment Why does my delegate called from backgroundworker runs in main thread
This is all entirely normal, you are using the form's BeginInvoke() method to run getMeasurement(). Which is required, you cannot update UI from a worker thread. The System.Timers.Timer does nothing useful, you might as well use a winforms timer. Much the same for the BackgroundWorker, it does nothing but sleep.
comment VS2008 solution entry point & precompiled headers
No, it is not required. You can delete dllmain.cpp from your project if you have no use for DllMain(), very common. Without one, the linker uses a default one that is located in the C runtime library. This has nothing to do with precompiled headers. A project created in VS2013 is not usable in VS2008 by a long shot, far too many things have changed. The only sane approach is to create the project in VS2008.
answered Speech in using System.Speech.Synthesis is not recognized.
comment Microsoft Visual Studio- Project error
Error 31 is ERROR_GEN_FAILURE, "A device attached to the system is not functioning." Perhaps you ought to panic, but disable anti-malware first.
comment How to get window handle of minimized window
The premise of the question is nonsensical, a process with a minimized main window certainly does have its MainWindowHandle property set. Just try it with Notepad for example.
answered Recursive serialization causing stack overflow error in vc10/11 but not in vc9
answered Microsoft App-V and Hardware IDs
comment Losing LPWSTR value in array of struct
You have multiple items all reference the same string. You need to allocate memory for each string. Fall in the pit of success by declaring the OPCITEMDEF2 member as WCHAR[30] instead of LPWSTR.
comment How do I make my project depend on other projects via msbuild?
The order or targets in the .targets file is not relevant. You can easily reason this out yourself, MSBuild does not actually build anything if it isn't necessary. Which of course requires it to know if dependencies have changed before it starts to do anything, including running the pre-build event.
comment How do I make my project depend on other projects via msbuild?
That's not possible. Standard chicken-and-egg, by the time MSBuild decides to start running the pre-build event, it has already figured out the dependencies. Trying to change them again doesn't work. Don't hide dependencies, the client programmer doesn't stand a chance to figure out what is wrong when it blows up.
comment CultureInfo for Japanese language not setting up DateTimeFormat.AbbreviatedMonthNames property correctly
This is normal. Keep in mind that abbreviations are uncommon in a writing system that already uses a single character to represent a word :)
answered Is there any class count limit in MFC project compiled with /CLR
comment How do I P/Invoke to a function that might not be there?
Don't do this, use a manifest. Always better.
comment How does visual studio generates a pch with _clr suffix?
The /Yc option creates it. C/C++, Precompiled Headers settings. Is there a real problem hidden in here?