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Formerly active in the MSDN forums as a contributor, moderator and MVP using the "nobugz" nick. It didn't take me long to decide to switch bases, the SO team knows how to put a Q+A site together. Great job.

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comment Is it possible to do programmatic build events?
Anything is possible. Create a program that updates the dbase, run it in the post-build event. Having it still run 5 years from now is the real expense.
comment Publisher file problems
.NET 4.0 got a new GAC, now stored in c:\windows\microsoft.net\assembly instead of c:\windows\assembly. It isn't very clear how you deployed your publisher policy files, but getting them in the wrong GAC is an explanation of course. Do keep in mind that it is a weapon of last resort, you should never need them when you moved to 4.0. And doesn't have anything to do with a bindingRedirect.
comment Why managed heap is sooooooooooo big?
The gen 0 size got really large, 100 MB is quite unusual. You just have a ravenous hunger for memory, the GC accommodates it.
comment Pressed property stays false after keypress
No repro, .NET 3.5 and 4.5.1. Didn't expect one, a renderer doesn't mess up the state of a menuitem of course.
comment SonarQube showing issues but 0 days technical debt
There's something missing in this question. Try it again tomorrow.
comment C Linkage Terminology Differences
C only knows about internal (static) and external linkage. The latter is what you are talking about.
comment TextBox Memory Consumption
Well, everybody expects it is the bindings because that's all they can look at. Show us the reports you obtained from a memory profiler instead.
comment How do you enable mouse wheel scrolling in Windows 8 development?
Don't keep it blank. Then consider the PointerWheelChanged event. Then consider that the primary user interface method is touch, there is no mouse.
answered Why does .NET System.IO.File use Create/Open instead of a constructor?
comment C# Pass printer settings to WebBrowser.Print()
This is a very common question. We expect you to review the 3.8 million google hits you get when you query "webbrowser select printer" and tell us why that didn't work for you.
comment Unable to load native DLL. 'ThirdParty.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
When you get linker errors after changing to /MT then never ignore that. Its a warning that stuff can go wrong badly at runtime as well, having multiple CRT copies in a program can cause very hard to debug problems. It is just another file you have to copy. Always mention the version number so we can tell you what file to copy. Just read the MSDN articles about C++ deployment, it tells you everything you need to know.
comment Library compiled without debugging information
Quoting error messages accurately is very, very important. And no, that is not possible, the program database is later needed to merge the final PDB when the linker creates the executable from the libraries. Don't move files.
comment Detect MouseEnter event while mouse is pressed
That is not untrue, Ctrl+Escape is a boss override. I don't think incorporating that is going to make the answer easier to understand though :) Exception noted.
comment Is Little-Endian a byte or bit order in x86 architecture?
The processor both reads and writes those bits, the order never matters. While they could never agree about which side of the egg matters most, programmers do universally write the most significant bit on the left.
revised Drawn objects disappearing after set time. VB
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answered Drawn objects disappearing after set time. VB
comment Parsing an Enum to an Object
You create a List with only one item. That's got something to do with it :) Stick with Enum.GetValues()
comment Why is my integer property not being serialized by BinaryFormatter?
Well, that was worth a shot. It's not like anything else can explain it :)
comment Caught OutOfMemoryException makes debugging difficult
The debugger will stop trying to evaluate watches if something very nasty happened. To make sure that nastiness doesn't happen over and over again. It doesn't reset that state until you continue debugger. Yes, fairly sad that the GDI+ exception doesn't always mean that you are actually OOM. Still, that debugging session is done anyway, you'll have to do something drastic to get this repaired.