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comment Targeting .NET Core on visual studio 2013
It is a pretty black-and-white problem, if you need a class that's not available in .NETCore then you cannot target it. So don't try. Do keep in mind that you're actually talking about CoreCLR, it is a work in progress. Don't keep the class name a secret.
comment ICorProfiler: Why do I get the wrong type token for a jitted function?
That "file" sounds suspect, how could it deal with generic methods? There will be multiple copies of M(). I'll randomly guess you are looking for ICorProfilerInfo2::GetFunctionInfo2() so you know the type arguments.
comment How to initialize the stopped thread again?
A Thread object is a one-time-use object. It is expended when it finished running, you cannot use it again. Just create another one. Don't create your own thread-pool, .NET already has one.
comment Implement CPU limiting feature provided by Windows Security Essential in a Win32 application
Of course, that's why it is the sane solution. An idle processor is a big waste of system resources when you actually have useful work to do.
comment Windows Timer Resolution in Kernel Mode
Well, you got two facts out of this. You know for a fact that it is a driver doing this. And it is entirely normal for this to happen and can't be stopped so you'd better be resilient against it. Good luck with it.
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comment WinForm settings not saving on Windows Shut down
Hmm, doubtful. Everybody thinks ".txt" is a valid filename extension, you don't. You'd better also check what happens when Environment.CurrentDirectory changes.
comment D3DX11d_43.dll is reported missing, but it's in current directory AND system32
Hmm, are you reading it correctly? You'd have D3DX10_43.dll, no "d". And you'd normally have it in syswow64, not system32. Beware of any dependencies that might be missing as well.
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comment Removing Focus from a control without giving to a new one
Neither the form, panel nor usercontrol like to get the focus, they have no use for it. Bigger issue is that this is drastically undiscoverable, the user will never figure this out by himself. Don't do it, give him an OK or Apply button.
comment Unable to resolve COM reference
VB6 aggressively makes a COM component incompatible when you make changes. Which forces you to re-import it so .NET knows the new guids and the added/changed members. Select binary compatibility in your VB6 project to avoid this. Design first, program later is the wise advice.
comment How is Unicode different from ASCII?
The current Unicode version has 110,187 codepoints. ~860 times more than ASCII, that is the difference.
comment Button Click event doesn't trigger shortly after pressing keys on keyboard (C# Windows Forms Application)
This would happen if you click the mouse while the key is down and then let go of the key before releasing the mouse button. The ButtonBase.OnKeyUp() method resets the "mouse is down" flag, something it needs to do because a button can be operated by both the mouse and the keyboard. Nobody ever notices this because it doesn't make sense to use the keyboard when the button has the focus, other than pressing the Space key.
comment What is included in the released .NET source code from Microsoft?
It is a moving target. But no, that namespace/class will never be part of it. Too heavily dependent on closed-source native Windows components. You can use the Reference Source if you meant the WPF version.
comment How do I get Visual Studio 2013 to allow me to target .NET Framework 4.5.2?
.NET 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 are runtime revisions, they have very few useful additions to the framework. Nor would you want to force your clients to upgrade if it isn't necessary. Strive to only target 4.5, pass the word to whomever supplies you with libraries.
comment ToolStripMenuItem double click?
That's not practical, the method that ensures the dropdown automatically closes, ToolStripMenuItem.OnMouseButtonStateChange(), is private and cannot be overridden. You can technically override OnMouseDown/Up() but you'll have a very hard time reliably resetting the click counter. Just make it usable, give the menu items a large font so they are easy to poke with a thumb.
comment c++ How to instantiate System::Security::Cryptography::Aes?
Like I showed you, making it a member of the class instead of deriving from it.
comment 'Keys' Is ambiguous because multiple kinsd of members with this name exist in class
Do use .NET naming conventions, public members should be spelled with an upper-case first letter. You'll now probably discover that MyConfigurationClass also contains a keys member. Which is fine from a C# program, it is a case-sensitive language, but not from a VB.NET program.