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Formerly active in the MSDN forums as a contributor, moderator and MVP using the "nobugz" nick. It didn't take me long to decide to switch bases, the SO team knows how to put a Q+A site together. Great job.

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comment Animation of a color transition
Use a different color space, like HSL, change the Hue. Convert back to RGB.
comment Why Boost Graph Library doesn't have its own namespace?
This is early, v1.18. April 2000, as archive.org can show. All the old stuff is in the boost namespace, like basic_regex and array, etc.
comment vb.net - Why is += operator not allowed for ULong (UInt64)?
History, Visual Basic has a lot of it. You will have to use 1UL here.
comment System.ArgumentException in System.Drawing.dll during enabled Timer
That's when you run out of memory. Calling the Dispose() method of a Bitmap is very important. The "invalid parameter" message is a clunky way to tell you that the bitmap is too large for remaining space.
comment Open music files from local path?
An alternate stream is an NTFS file system feature. Allowing a file to store more than one stream of data. The name of such a stream is file.ext:streamname. Note the colon.
comment SetForegroundWindow not working, how to check Class/Caption names
Error checking is not optional when you pinvoke winapi functions. You don't have the friendly .NET exceptions to keep you out of trouble anymore, you have to raise them yourself.
comment Get alpha component of bitmap, C#
Could be as simple as the bitmap not having an alpha because it is a 24-bpp image.
comment How to Resize Panels in VB (2013)
Using the wrong form reference is a standard vb.net bug. Looks okay in the debugger, it actually modifies a panel that isn't visible. Add Me.Show() to the code.
comment PrivateFontCollection.AddMemoryFont producing random errors on Windows Server 2012 R2
Standard GDI+ lossage, disposing a Font does not actually destroy it. It gets put back into a cache, with the assumption that it will be used again. An important perf optimization, creating fonts is pretty expensive. That ends poorly for private fonts when you destroy their home, the font will use released memory. Producing bewildering results, including hard crashes. You'll need to keep the collection around, as well as the IntPtr.
answered Disabling the “disabled look” of disabled buttons (VB.net for desktop)
revised Disabling the “disabled look” of disabled buttons (VB.net for desktop)
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answered Winforms: code executed only after breakpoint added
comment How to get the apply FontDialog Settings to a System.Drawing.Font
comment How to determine when my Producer Consumer finish it's job
It doesn't work, the most likely outcome is that all consumer threads quit before you had a chance to add any items to the queue. Leaving a queue that never gets emptied. An accidental threading race might keep some alive to get the job done. It is just the wrong abstraction for what you want to do. A starting point is to rewrite the constructor to ProducerConsumer(int workers, List<string> jobs). Simply counting the jobs with InterlockedDecrement lets you fire an event.
comment Why is each element of my generic list the same? (VB)
You created only one Album object. You cannot expect to end up with 10 different objects. Check your favorite VB.NET language book about the difference between reference and value types.
comment C# struct variables remain null when passed into unmanaged C DLL functions
You cannot just arbitrarily keep all of those fields out of your C# struct declaration. You need to make sure that Marshal.SizeOf(C#-struct) == sizeof(C-struct) first.
comment SetTimer with unique id
There's little point in fretting over this, just create your own window.
comment Creating ActiveX control(OCX) in VB .net 2010
An .ocx file is just a .dll file with a funny last name. Like me. .NET has some support for true ActiveX controls, the kind that have a visual appearance on a VB6 form. You have to derive your class from the System.Windows.Forms.Control class. Monkeying with the registry is required to make it show up in the toolbox.
comment MSI Error “The computer must be trusted for delegation” caused by KB2918614
Well, you are in fact using a remote resource, the file came from another machine. Windows knows this and stores that info in an alternate NTFS data stream. Ask questions about this at superuser.com
comment Bitmap Scan0, Stride off
It doesn't make sense to not also apply bounds to bitmapB.