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comment Single Instance Application pass new args
You already have them, use the eventArgs.CommandLine property.
comment Why isn't copy operation implemented in kernel?
99.9% of the work is in fact done by ring 0 code. The file system cache, the file system driver and the disk driver do the real work. Making the remaining 0.1% kernel code just isn't useful, the kernel itself never copies files. And users do like a pretty userland progress dialog and a choice when there a copy conflicts.
comment Should I call GC.Collect() in Dispose() method?
Garbage collection can only be efficiently by intentionally delaying the job. The expensive parts of collection are finding the object roots and compacting the heap, the kind of expense you don't want to pay too often. It does the job when it has too, not when an object became unused. Forcing it to do the job early makes it inefficient in more than one way. You pay that expense for very little gain but you also screw up its ability to do it better in the future.
comment c# choose printer only working in main form
There isn't anything you can normally do to make PrintDialog unable to find any printers at all. It is a very small class, all the real work is done by the operating system. You'd have to invoke an act of God, like corrupting memory.
comment Should I call GC.Collect() in Dispose() method?
IDisposable has nothing to do with the GC heap, it releases unmanaged resources. So you should never do that.
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comment Understanding serial device settings
Pick one up, dial the number of the company that manufactured the device, ask to talk to somebody in technical support. They know.
comment Why use PrivateObject when we can do the same with pure reflection
It is useful to automatic unit test generators, less code to generate.
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comment Catch unhandled exception, still shows “program stopped working” dialog
It is possible for your event handler to crash as well. That Terminate() method sounds pretty risky. Even Environment.Exit() can fail, it still runs the finalizers. Or something silly like a bug in the Logger class, won't get better when you use it in the event handler. In general, something nasty happened in your program so the odds that it can destabilize your event handler as well are never zero. You are also fairly late subscribing the event, it should be done in the Main() method before doing anything else.
comment How can I access to any other computer desktop remotely using C#.NET
You need a machine in the middle, one that can map a computer name to an IP address. Trivially implemented by a DNS server. Or a complete no software required service like High odds you already have one, talk to your LAN adminstrator first, next.
comment Difference between <SomeName()> and <SomeNameAttribute()> in VB.NET
No difference. A simple trick to make attribute class names very specific but attribute usage very brief. A trick invented by a programmer, not a committee.
comment Why are we using thread&locks if we could use something more high-level?
Because these high-level abstractions are not ideal. They tend to be too expensive, too restrictive or make it harder to debug logical mistakes. We're all waiting for the Einstein of software engineering to show up some day.
comment How can i return reflected object from AppDomain Assembly.LoadFrom
The exception is entirely normal. An object in another appdomain is only accessible if it derives from MarshalByObject (so all methods and properties can cross the boundary) or it must be [Serializable] (so the object itself can be copied across). Your object is neither. You'll need to run the code that uses the object in the appdomain as well.
comment Why the Type property is written in *.resx file
You also don't have a variable named >>labelControl1. You are just seeing extra context info being added to get the job done. Some fake names you may encounter are listed here.
comment Import Export Visual Studio errors…
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comment Prevent vcredist_x86.exe from rebooting my setup
It is fairly likely to replace a DLL that is being used by a running program. So it can't replace it, the file is locked. It is a very blunt tool, intended for end-users. Who don't mind to follow the directions it provides. Use local deployment instead.