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Formerly active in the MSDN forums as a contributor, moderator and MVP using the "nobugz" nick. It didn't take me long to decide to switch bases, the SO team knows how to put a Q+A site together. Great job.

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comment Could not load file or assembly 'PresentationCore, Version=4.0.0'
There is a 0 missing from the version number. And "neutral" is not spelled correctly. Is that you being sloppy with your question or with your code?
comment vertical placement of monitor
Almost every "it doesn't work" question about [winapi] starts with a code that does not check for errors. Do not ignore the return value of ChangeDisplaySettingsEx().
comment How add a hyphen “-” to separate value in textbox when user click another button in C#?
If you insist on the user using the buttons instead of typing in the text into a MaskedTextBox then you should be using a Label instead. Which then helps you fall in the pit of success with the Click event handlers.
comment Check if a Windows ListBox contains a string c# ignorecase?
You have to cast, a ListBox contains objects, not strings. Use lstFieldData.Items.Cast<string>().Contains(ItemValue, StringComparer.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)
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comment How to redefine a property in C# through interface inheritance?
An explicit interface implementation is only there to solve the ambiguity problem, caused by having to implement two members with the same name. It is not an access restriction.
comment C# Console app Environment.Exit(0) not recognised as a shutdown event
Application.Shutdown() does not make sense in a console mode app. It doesn't have an Application object, there is no dispatcher loop that can be shut down.
comment C# Console app Environment.Exit(0) not recognised as a shutdown event
Sure, it was designed to inform you about reasons your app will terminate that are beyond your control. Like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Break, the user clicking the Close button, logging off or shutting down the machine. No other way you could find out. You of course do know when you terminate yourself, it doesn't bother to remind you about that. You could simply add another CtrlType and call your handler directly.
comment 400 Error while Uploading files to OneDrive with BITS-Protocol
All right, thanks for the hint.
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comment Are cycles in computing equal to time?
Only if the book is old or if it doesn't mind intentionally ignoring what real processors look like today. They dynamically adjust their clock frequency. Either because the chip is getting hot (turbo boost) or to save battery life when operating without AC.
comment Background worker Exception Thrown By Invocation in the RunWorkerCompleted Event
You must check e.Error first. If it is not Nothing then display the value of e.Error.ToString(). You'll now get a much better diagnostic that tells you a lot more about what went wrong, the InnerException gives the reason. You can make it easier to debug with Debug + Exception, tick the Thrown checkbox for CLR exceptions.
revised Behavior of F# “unmanaged” type constraint
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answered Changing bytes in existing binary file
comment activex exe error messege “Runtime error '430' class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface”
Well, it is too late now, this error has too many possible causes. Next time it happens, use SysInternals' Process Monitor to see where these programs read and write the registry and what DLLs they need.
answered Shell function sensitive to both the location of the executable and spaces in path
comment C# screenshot bug?
Looks like a video driver bug to me, look for an update. CopyFromScreen() is not entirely squeaky-clean either, you could try this code. But I doubt that's the issue here.
comment VS2013 Pro: Linker starts before compiler is finished (multiple projects with dependencies)
Right-click MainProject, Build Dependencies + Project Dependencies, tick "mainlib".
comment Trouble activating Timer in Windows Service
System.Timers.Timer is a pretty evil class. One thing it does is swallow all exceptions when it fires the Elapsed event. You must use try/except in your Elapsed event handler. Log the error you get and stop the service when that happens. And yes, the odds that you'll actually get 14 days out of that timer are not that good, you'll of course start back at 0 when the service restarts.