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Hello World

I've always loved interactive computer programs. I suppose that, for me, it started with the original Nintendo.

I still remember how awesome it was to search dungeons with Link, blast through hordes of aliens as Samus Aran, and save the world as the Black Night turned Paladin Cecil in Final Fantasy 2.

These days, I'm looking to join a group of other folks to work with who want to combine great UI/UX vision with uncompromising technical innovation to make awesome software together.

More About Me

Continuous Improvement Junkie Highly Self-Motivated Agile/XP Snob (I mean, promoter) Python/Django Fanboy Goofball (But Serious About Kick-Butt Software) Designer of Relational Databases (In my sleep. BOOM!)

My Skills

Interests/Experiences: Object-Oriented Design and Development, Agile, Continuous Innovation, Relational Databases (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, etc), Python, Django, PL/SQL, and PHP.

Smarterer.com Test Results: http://smarterer.com/eikonomega

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