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Hi everyone,

My real name are Stephan (pronounced Steven, my parents wanted me to be "special"...)
I am a guy who likes to get challenges, within programming of course , cleaning and such aren't challenges!
Anyways, I am self-learned programmer and are learning new things everyday. Currently I only have basic knowledge within CSS, HTML, PHP, MYSQL (Would like to call these "Web-languages"). I am able to create basics sites, example: (Xavizus.eu - a site under construction) Which is written with PHP, SQL, HTML and CSS and are powered with CodeIgninter and Smarty.
I'm reading/learning about C++ right now and learned quite much within 1 month, such as using mysql connection within C++ and using LUA withing C++ and read from LUA files and import variables from LUA files to C++. Though I have a long way to go to even say that I know basic C++ programming.

I also have plans to learn Java programming, have heard it's "much" easier than C++ programming, yeap I am lazy programmer :)

You wonder what I work as and what my education are? I am educated network technician, I can setup servers and configure them, wiring cables, setup firewalls and make a secure network. - If you are interested in these kind of setups, I will inform you that I will sooner or later create tutorials about these.
Let's continue, even if I am a educated network technician, I had hard times to find a job... because I do not have a driver license, and it's a pain in the ass to get one in Sweden. So I am currently working as technical support, also telephony support and fault reports such as property faults and printer faults. I also take care of orders such as IT-workplace, telephones, sim-cards, property orders and IT Accessories. I got the title as: administrative officer and I am working withing the government.

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