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Computer Scientist, AI Enthusiast

Top 20 algorithm answerer. Somewhat higher more recently.

Generally pretty chill and friendly, though sometimes misunderstood

3k users UNITE! To the close vote queue!

Can we be a bit quicker to close (downvote) questions?
(a little harsh, but a necessary step to becoming a great community)

What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

Free online courses! Online CS Masters from Georgia Tech

A simple english Wikipedia

Regex explainer

Random tips / guidelines / requests / rules for using StackOverflow:

  • Unless you have extensive experience with a site, don't recommend it (especially Programmers), or at least add "I think that maybe possibly there's a chance, but I'm not at all sure"
  • How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users?
  • What should I do when someone answers my question?
  • Be kind
  • Format properly
    • Look at the preview
    • Don't fear line breaks
    • Indent code properly
  • Don't robo-approve
  • Don't post duplicate or non-answering answers. Also, don't upvote these
  • Always post an SSCCE
  • Stick around for a while after asking a question to answer comments
  • Pop in every now and again to tend to responses until you have an accepted answer
  • Don't down-vote and leave. Give some time for it to be fixed. Preferably comment. Don't down-vote minor issues like minor syntax errors
  • Don't be a help vampire. (My) summary:
    • Give enough details so the question is answerable. We're not psychic
    • Don't ask for a program to be written for you
    • Learn, don't just want an answer
    • Look elsewhere for the answer before asking a question
  • Don't duplicate questions, there are reasons questions don't get answered
  • Stack Overflow question checklist

Area 51:

Area51 is for new site proposals. Check out my profile for proposals I'm interested in (AI, algorithms and random stuff).

CodeGolf suggestion to officially extend their scope.

Meta requests:

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