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I'm the CTO of the startup company FunnelFire, where we build sophisticated sales software tools. I'm also the CEO of the startup company FivePM Technology, Inc., creators of the real-time vehicle tracking and dispatch solution named Treadmarks.

I'm also an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, where I teach a variety of courses from Introduction to C++ to TCP/IP Networking (an advanced programming course where students re-implement the network stack).

I'm also a recent graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a bachelors and masters of science in Computer Science, a minor in Law & Public Policy, and graduate certificates in Computer Systems, Databases & Service Oriented Architecture, Distributed Systems, Enterprise Computing, Quantitative Software Engineering, and Service Oriented Computing.

I got my start programming at a very young age, writing QBasic programs to display colorful circles on the screen while sitting on my dad's lap when I was 3 years old. My first big projects were a Super Mario World clone for GameBoy, a MUD called HybridMOO, and a home automation package called IntellHome (which I still use!).

I'm actively involved in a number of open source initiatives, including an open-source middleware tool called PushoverQ and a venture called Cagnostic, which is a suite of software abstraction libraries designed to let you easily deploy your software onto all the major clouds without code changes.

I am interested in hiking, exploration of abandoned or neglected sites and buildings, photography (particularly of those abandoned sites, but also glamour/editorial), cooking, snowshoeing, and New Jersey trivia/history.

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