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You can contact me at mayankkumarswami(@)Gmail.Com

A Good advice by Gordon If you want to become an expert programmer, google SOLID, buy GOF, buy POEAA, buy Clean Code, learn Refactoring, lookup GRASP, DDD, CQRS, DCI … but dont ask for PHP books. That's the most reasonable suggestion I can give you when you ask for Expert PHP books really.

You may start from This talk : by Anthony Ferrara (ircmaxell)

I don't know how to star messages properly. I should be banned from the PHP room and Stack Overflow chat in general. I am a disgrace to myself, and my fellow PHP programmers.(:P:P and don't complain me LOL)

I am a website developer and a learning super freak. Recently I have been practising GRASP and SOLID.

If anybody want to connect to me, feel free to send me an email - for my email address ping me in PHP chat room

Getting Started with Git check this

SEO !== Meta tag

Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?

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I would always love to have cat currency

I love CatOverflow and Cats.

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Placekittan is awesome http://lorempizza.com/

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