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I am a real estate investor, business owner, entrepreneur, and beginning webmaster. I have basic-middle knowledge of HTML, and I'm learning PHP. I am a fast learner, though, and always have been... especially when it comes to math. I've always loved computers.

My best friend from before kindergarten age, to the 7th grade, became a vice president for AOL. He started his own ISP when he was 14 years old. We used to sit in the area next to his kitchen 24 hours a day, on his IBM 486 (TOP OF THE LINE), on BBS (Bulletin Board Systems)... before the internet as we know it. If I had stayed with him I would have been right there with him, most likely. But his mom found out something about me she didn't like and told him to stop associating with me. We chat occasionally today, but live much different lifestyles.

The reason I came here is that I had my investment website hacked by another website admin, which monitors investment websites, because I would not let him rip me off and hack other monitors and members accounts. He was not able to take any money, but he did hack into my site and screwed up some settings including the referral links and the deposits. I fixed the referral links problem and have secured my website from access like this again, however no one can make deposits still, so I have locked down the website and am searching through probably 100 pages of code to find the problem. I need assistance with this, with security, and also any other problems which arise in the process.

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