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Strong (10+ years), hands-on experience in:

- Project management in IT
- Operating systems: multiple flavours of UNIX, Cisco IOS
- Computer networks: design, roll-out and maintenance (from small-scale to redundant, dynamically routed networks)
- Voice services: H.323 and SIP; Cisco, Nextone, Sysmaster, Asterisk, GnuGK and more
- Programming: both system and desktop (C, Perl, PHP, Python, Java)
- Mobile programming; Android.
- Applications: Apache web server/CGI, DNS, databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase), audio/video processing and streaming, Flash animations, vector graphics, monitoring tools.
- Full RIPE certification


- Project design
- Team building and knowledge transfer
- Analysis and assessment, troubleshooting
- Documentation
- Legal framework in telecommunications

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