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Quality code developer.

Re Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is no longer a community that allows everyone to participate, it's all about the powerusers with 100k+ rep that goes in and steals your answer, whilst giving your correct answer a downvote.

What has Stackoverflow become? A community too big to allow users that aren't in the position to manipulate votes to not participate and "give" back to the community?

Using vote manipulation, multiple accounts to ensure a guaranteed win on an answer that already has an answer in order to gain "reputation" points is unethical and irresponsible; it's cheating.

Hence, well, I've stopped answering or asking questions Stackoverflow, and found my productivity increase ten-fold, coming back to Stackoverflow recently and being quickly subject to vote manipulation by a poweruser - is justification on why I've stopped answering on Stackoverflow, alongside this: http://blog.extramaster.net/2013/01/views-on-stackoverflow.html


Focused primarily on javascript, currently the most powerful scripting language in web development (due to the rise of Netscape Navigator, node.js, v8 and Windows 8.1 apps), also has experience with Dart, Go, Rust, PHP, mySQL, VbScript, PowerShell, Shell/Bash, Java, Python, Ruby, CGI (Perl), Logo, Kismet and the world's most powerful scripting language: Batch/MS-DOS

Develops with Google Chrome and rarely tests in other browsers.
Has once treated StackOverflow as a race,, like many others ;)

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