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I am a Software Engineer.

I was exposed to computers at the age of 10 and wrote my first program to add 2 numbers in 12. Since then programming has been a part of my life.

Graduate in Computer Science Engineering, I started working with Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd in Research and Development. It was an awesome experience working at Tally . Learned a lot, made some awesome friends. Starting with developing reports in PHP, I moved to mobile development and then towards data mining. Developed projects in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJs etc. Before leaving Tally I started out research in Hadoop in handling and extracting useful information from the large amount of data that the company had. I set up the whole infrastructure for Hadoop and wrote map reduce programs in Java to process XML files.

Later I started working with Mettl, an equally awesome company. My job was to develop tutrr.com , which is a maths practice platform for middle school students. I handled the Java and front end code for the website.

Currently, I am a graduate student at National university of Singapore, pursuing Master of Computing.

I love to read and travel a lot.

A Song of Ice and Fire and Chanakya’s chant are my favourite reads till now. I hope to go on a world tour someday :-) .

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