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Japanese Studies grad student. Major interests: writing systems, historical linguistics, literary theory, cultural studies.

comment finding distutils installation directories after installation
Thanks, but this seems to look inside the library directory (i.e. --install-purelib), not in the data directory (set by --install-data). In other words, it's about the distutils.core.setup package_data option, not the data_files option. But I'm thinking of giving up and putting the file inside package_data anyway. It's a bit icky (because it's a config.ini and should therefore be in etc/), but at least I can be sure to find it from the library files.
comment Python: parsing XML document while preserving entities
I'd really like to get this working with expat, to avoid another dependency & rewriting my current code. But yes, this does solve the problem.
comment Python: parsing XML document while preserving entities
I thought xml.parsers.expat.XML_PARAM_ENTITY_PARSING_NEVER in expat would do that, but it had no effect. What is it good for, I wonder.