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I am constantly learning. I am a full-stack programmer best with Javascript but I started on C++ and have spent a lot of time in many languages. I have experience in Javascript, PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, C, C++, BASH, jQuery, Ruby, Rails and a lot more. I haven't been around very long so I am not as knowledgable as some but I am resourceful and I am good with logic so I can solve the more complex problems. I focus heavily on getting things done right even if it means starting over when I am already deep into a project. I have done all kinds of work from simple userscripts, to Drupal modules, theming or re-theming sites and even embedded systems(hardware and software). The most complex work I have done was creating an entire dashboard framework from the ground up for a company. I mostly just do educational projects but soon I am going to cut back and focus my time on a big project of my own. I am just getting starting in this world of programming but I am here to stay. I am slowly building up a reputation. I am slowly starting to use Twitter and I am trying to get around to more work on Github. I hope to get some stuff on my website soon. I am far to busy to get to it right now though.

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