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comment High system CPU usage when contending futex
I tried jemalloc, and the problem is not happening anymore. This is not surprising, since jemalloc relies much less on locking of the arenas than glibc. This, however, does not completely solve the problem, since the root cause of the issue is that the spinlock of the futex is held on for too long, causing all the other executing threads to pile up waiting for the spinlock to be released (as demonstrated by my little snippet of code in the original description of the problem).
comment High system CPU usage when contending futex
Originally, I noticed this to be a problem even when futexes are not called directly from the user code; this happens when calling malloc/free, rand, glib mutex calls, and other system/library calls that make calls to futex. The snippet of code given in the problem description is just to demonstrate the occurence of the problem, and by no means does it represent any useful work. In fact, the code between the calls to mutex can be any user code.