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answered How to get default application for extension in windows [Java]
comment Looping through multiple columns in a database
"push it into an array of type ResultSet" does not describe anything meaningful. There's not enough information or context in your post to see a clear question. Can you rephrase it and show us what you have already tried? See the help center for information on writing good questions.
comment Memory-efficient import of CSV data into searchable Perl data structure
If you have a specific problem you need to ask a specific question. If you have working code and want a review, this question belongs on Code Review instead.
answered What's reporting java.lang.TreadDeath?
comment What's reporting java.lang.TreadDeath?
Are you aware that Thread.stop() has been deprecated for quite awhile? Please read… to understand why you should not be using it.
comment Solution algorithm for 2d array maze that is described by numbered nodes
Welcome to StackOverflow. Please visit the help center and read up on what it takes to ask good questions here. Hint: just posting your assignment without having made a serious effort to solve the problem is considered very bad form and likely to get downvoted and closed. StackOverflow is not a forum or a code-writing service.
comment caesar cipher java offset issue and encryption
Which is line 132 in your code? The error comes from a nextInt() call, so it must be in main(), but that would fail before attempting encoding. Something is inconsistent in your description of the problem.
comment Jframe with gridbadlayout not functioning well
"not working properly" is not sufficient. You must describe (ideally, show) what is not working and what you have done so far to troubleshoot the problem.
answered High CPU utilization on Regex pattern matching
comment High CPU utilization on Regex pattern matching
Why are you recompiling the patterns every time? Compile them once outside the loop.
comment How to modify this code so that the result is in breath first traversal order
This looks like homework. The point of homework is that you figure it out, not get someone else to do it for you.
comment Java console. Imitate new line for data raws update
What operating system, which "console" (terminal) program? Does it have to run on multiple systems? Some terminals will allow you to move the writing cursor using escape/control sequences, but we can't help you unless you provide more details on your environment.
comment Duplicate values when using HashMap in java
Are you stepping through your code in a debugger (Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans) and examining variables? That is the simplest way to find out what is actually happening.
comment Is there a site that will take you from beginner to advanced Java similar in style of teaching tht codeacademy has?
Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam.
comment This call of a method should be causing an IndexOutOfBoundsException. How come it doesn't?
Did you look at the value of date in a debugger? Do that and you'll understand immediately.
comment JPA working well BUT not state of art
This is much too broad, and it's not really clear what you're asking beyond "this doesn't look like other code I've seen, please tell me how to fix it" (where "fix" is not really defined). This is likely to get closed. You should break it down and ask specific individual questions about single aspects of your problem. It is likely you just need to work with JPA a lot longer, and study well-written code, to understand the "idioms" being used.
comment Calling methods within if statements
Welcome to StackOverflow. When asking a question it is important to provide all relevant information. In this case, you need to, identify the statement in your code that produces the error message, and provide the definitions of the lowTax and highTax methods since that is likely where the error lies. Please visit the help center for more information.,
comment Best way to get the command line of a process in Unix
Did you search CPAN? Did you see
comment Unable to hit a break point inside a function in Java
That's beyond the scope of what we can do here. You need to find out the process by which the remote system is deployed, and figure out what version (in your source control system) was built and deployed. If you are the one doing the deployment this should be easy. If someone else does the deployment you'll have to ask them.
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