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Non-professional (but intermittently enthusiastic) programmer.

I've dabbled in:

  • BASIC, as a kid that wanted to make video games, after playing old Sierra games.
  • C, C++, back when I enjoyed re-inventing the wheel over getting projects done.
  • VB, where I realized how easy it could be to get things done. Also, I used VBA to do some Excel stuff at a job, at one point.
  • php, where I never really went beyond "trying stuff out" phase.
  • java, for a stretch where I was doing Computer Science in school.
  • High-level assembly, where I wrote "C with MOVs" code, but in HLA.
  • assembly, which I liked reading about when I was new to programming, to think about how stuff worked. I used it for a class in school once; I vaguely recall calling interrupt 21h a lot.
  • pascal, for a class, once. Having already used C/C++ for a while at that point, pascal felt like a step backwards.
  • perl, which taught me the joy of associative arrays. I used it at work at one point, mostly for text-processing stuff. I also dabbled with building a web site with it, using the mojolicious framework.
  • ruby, which I first started looking at when I tried out RPG Maker VX Ace. I didn't realize it would feel like "perl, if perl were more OO, and less...perl-ish."
  • fortran, which is my most recent dabble. I'm currently back in school, career-shifting towards math, and I'm getting acquainted with fortran in case an opportunity to use it arises.