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Right now I am working on developing underlying Wiki "values" called "wikiology," and blog thus on Oddmuse. It seems possible that we can have a "vertical" and purely collaborative wiki that goes to the CPU, so I am assembling the parts.

I was professionally active from 1989 (babyhood) to 2003 (bitterness, with recent contracts) and created the Perl/Unix of NY group to mediate sensible computing. Today, I attempt to evangelize a native L4 desktop or palmtop (as opposed to linux, android or anything else). I became a long-haul trucker after 9/11 and the mass firings, and am now completing a masters in psych. I see a "constructivist" future for the Web that is nearly-aboriginal and anti-dialectical.

Note: This is edited with markdown, but does not support it fully. In general, I support Markdown (this editor) with the forced use of P paragraph tag over BR newline tag.


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