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I'm intereseted in everything, particularly on new design patterns and procedural content generation. I'm very involved in API design, features of languages that allows to design better APIs, in particular I'm exploring C++11 and a simple library I wrote is having a discrete success:

http://code.google.com/p/infectorpp/ (this is experimental code: Dependency Injection in C++ code can't be easier, I compared Infector++ to several other libraries and found that it's unique!)

I used several languages and found few of them usefull in different situations: Lua, Java, webGL, HTML5, php, C (also ISO C), OpenGL, GLSL, DX, actionscript, python, C++03, C++11. I explored several programming paradigms (functional, object oriented, generic programming) and I'm aware of specific problems and common solutions for each paradigm.

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