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comment Dynamic typing and programming distributed systems
@adelbertc - as you can tell, the release has been badly delayed, however it is still cooking and should be available by the end of Feb.
comment Dynamic typing and programming distributed systems
Supervision is provided in cloud haskell, not by the distributed-process library but its super-set, distributed-process-platform. This hasn't been released to hackage yet, but does provide support for gen-servers and supervisors along with a few other useful abstractions borrowed from OTP. The first public release is due this summer - I'll update this thread when it happens.
comment How does ManagedProcess in Cloud Haskell work?
Rob is spot on about that - distributed-process-platform currently relies on bleeding edge changes to distributed-process. That will get sorted out properly when we release to hackage, and I'm hoping to provide a meta-package to simplify installing everything you need, which will have branches/revisions available for pulling HEAD from either the stable (master) or development branches of all the haskell-distributed projects.