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There is one stage where rain and sun comes! you never know whether to smile or cry! at that time nothing to worry! enjoy the seven colors of Rainbow :) :)

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Ever never change your character for anyone.Be what you are and don't intimate others. One of the main problem arises is confusion between heart and mind. Don't mismatch your love to think in mind and work in heart. Solve it at right time and right place. keep surroundings happy. Four letter word meaningful and worth.

Love and live in Life with smile forever!! :)

Do the best what you can

Be the first how should be

Leave the rest if you cant

Keep smiling always................... - VRK :)

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Hobbies: Reading books,Hearing music..:) :)

Favourite Lines:

Heart and mind is not a basket to keep tension and sadness.It is a golden box to keep fragrance of roses and happiness.spread the smile and happiness.

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