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I fell in love with computers when I was 6 and found a MS-DOS tutorial on my dad's workplace (a university library), had first computer at 7, messed around with code a little but to be honest I spent most time playing banana bombing buildings on Gorillas, Prince of Persia, Snakes, and on my Nintendo xD. I used to be fantastic at math and science, by 17 I was certified as an electronics technician, soon I realized I didn't understand the world and therefore I couldn't know what would be relevant to innovate.

I spent some years exploring culture; through observation, books, cinema, the internet (F yeah!), extensive discussions with people of great diversity of character, and lots of other kind of experiences that I couldn't list here, just explored life in general. I also spent a couple of years working in a transnational communications company and got to understand a lot about business.

Now that I'm not so ignorant, I have some ambitious goals to check-mark for lulz, decided software was my obvious starting point, I'm driven and ready to face any challenges that may come.

I wrote a little exaggerated piece on my about.me page, go and have a good giggle.

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