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Uniquely and wonderfully made I disrupt cultures and unlock potential!

My specialty focus in the John C Maxwell family is to bring 20 years experience as a computer programmer, software developer, architect and high performance Agile team trainer, coach and mentor to bear in and out of technology markets.

I am able to help software development companies, IT departments, custom software shops and many other forms of information and knowledge worker based models to achieve 10 - 300% more in a very short amount of time. I pair well with other coaches to help bring full organizational change both inside and outside of the IT market space.

Above all the I can bring the lessons of two decades of building up programmers, designers, architects, dbas and project managers to the rest of the world. Outside of "programmers" and the software/IT industry the powerful story telling, the lessons learned, the good times and the bad in the form of coaching, training and speaking are absolutely wonderful and are sure to be engaging and make any audience to really think and expand as choice.

Certified Agile, Scrum, Coaching, Teaching JMT Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker Computer Programmer, Professional Encourager, Team Captian

High Performing Team Coach Software Development Trainer Business and Organization Process Transformation Specialist Gamification Strategist Life Skills and Culture Upgrades Speaker

“James” is a verb word, Scrum is a rugby word Kies (James Kies)


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