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comment XEP-0080 User Location in Smack Library
The example is from the smack documentation. Not sure what implementation of XEP-0118 they are referring too, as Smack still has an open bug to add XEP-0118 support, last update in May 2011. I had cobbled together my own version for an experiment, but don't have the code anymore. I'd throw it together again but don't have the time. There is now a good example of creating your own extension of PEPItem and publishing an item here: oneminutedistraction.wordpress.com/2010/08/26 . That just leaves the parsing part (in the TuneProvider, a PEPProvider).
comment Good XMPP Java Libraries for server side?
Hi @mdelolmo and welcome to XMPP land! Smack is designed for use by a client. If you are writing a server, or an external component, then Smack probably isn't the best choice. Last I checked Whack was their server-side library. Now that said...if you are using Smack on the side and you have anything on server that talks normal XMPP then Smack will understand it on the client side. IgniteRealtime heavily focused on their Flash product, so I don't know how current it is. Most of my work now is in Erlang or Node.
comment dynamic web forms
Sorry for messed up github links, am new to contributing here so no rep.