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comment .forEach() vs .stream.forEach()?
Take a look at this article (especially page 2). You will find the differences between your methods and benchmarks as well. javaworld.com/article/2461744/java-language/…
comment How to send app data securely to a recipient/server
As I said in my question, I'm not concerned about security during the transport. And in your solution everybody could flood my web service with false data.
comment Error on loading Genymotion Device on OS X Mavericks
Okay this is strange. I'm not shure if I updated VirtualBox or if I deinstalled the old one and installed the new, but I had a problem after the Mavericks update from GoldMaster to the offical release. Maybe you try a new clean start...delete the VirtualBox App, Genymotion App and the ".Genymobile" folder (in your Home). After that restart and install VirtualBox und Genymotion. Good Luck!! BTW: I have a normal(not retina) Macbook Pro 15"
comment AlertDialog Holo accent color for styles.xml
This library helps me to make styled dialogs on android 2.2+. But it won't be change the dialog, which appears from the PreferencesActivity. After a lot of thinking, I decided to build my own preference screen with a FragmentList, so I could use your library. Thank you for your reply, even though it did not exactly answered my question :)
comment Does ActionBar Compatibility introduced in v 18 works without issues with android:configChanges=“orientation” on pre ICS devices?
Yes it will work! I've tested it in one of my apps with android:configChanges="orientation|screenSize|keyboardHidden" on a few devices <3.0. I've already released the app with these changes and got no negative user feedback.
comment How to display fragment *over* tabulation setup as Play Store Settings does?
You are right...I corrected my answer by replacing the back with up button. If my answer helped you out, please mark it as accepted :)
comment When switching fragments, does fragments go onPause()?
Hmm...strange. If it's important for you, please post more code.
comment ViewPager-like animations between three views
I have changed a little bit of the code. Of course you need to replace all fragments. You can check if the user flipped forward or backward with the int position in the method onPageSelected. I've tested it in a App, and it worked. But because of changing the fragment which is visible to the user, it looks not 100% perfect. Maybe working with 4 fragments would solve this problem. Happy testing :)