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comment Adding an item to drop down list with Jquery at a certain index
I know this is old but just in case others come across this question: You can use .prepend() if you want it to be the very first option, which I assume is what he wants since it is a Select option with no value. $(".ddl").prepend($("<option></option>").val("").text("Select"));
comment <%$, <%@, <%=, <%# … what's the deal?
Impossible to Google!
comment <%$, <%@, <%=, <%# … what's the deal?
Awesome! I know this is old but I have been looking all over the internet for this info the last 2 days. Thanks!
comment What is the simpliest way to add a single image to a Sitefinity template?
I am working on my first Sitefinity project (and first .NET project) currently and I can't wait to get back to a Linux environment. That being said I prefer to control my own markup (not have it automatically wrapped in a div or given some crazy long ID) so I prefer this method. I always use <img src='<% Eval("Image").Url %>' /> or other methods of getting only the piece of data I need into my markup.
comment mediaelement.js changeSkin
There is a changeSkin() method in the mediaelement.js library which swaps out classes, however I just ended up using some modifications to the mediaelement.css standard skins on the live site. Here is a fiddle using Ajax to change streaming stations on the fly.
comment mediaelement.js changeSkin
I was finally able to change enough of the default skin to please the client and get it to render fairly seamlessly on all major browsers (falling back to solid black, no gradient on older versions of ie) I am using Ajax to change station streams which is working in both hmtl5 versions and the flash fallback. If you'd like to see that implementation I'd be happy to share my code. It definitely took me some time to get it working consistently. Thanks for the response.