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Right now, I'm lost for suggestions for a new project to get started on - if you could shoot me an email with some ideas about things that you'd like to see developed, that would be great!

If you're a newbie who'd like a guide around Stack Overflow, or you'd just like to contact me, please send me an email:

var email = '\x71\x61\x6e\x74\x61\x73\x39\x34\x68\x65\x61\x76\x79@qq.cn';
email = email.replace('qq.cn', 'gmail.com');

I'm a self-taught programmer (dabbled a bit around 12, but didn't really get started until two years later) that just wants to get to know more about web development and computers in general - love learning, hate school. It's great learning something new on Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites every day.

Currently I'm proficient in the following languages:

  • JavaScript (by far my most common for my answers on Stack Overflow)
  • HTML
  • CSS

I've started off learning Python - it's slightly different to JavaScript but so far it's been surprisingly easy to use.

I find PHP rather horrid -- it's just too big of a mess to deal with and I abhor the giant blob of functions. I wouldn't even recommend it for a newbie - not only is it rather dissimilar to other languages, you have to spend half your time reading the PHP manual to figure out what a method does, which cuts down on productivity and learning significantly.

Having said that, some of the languages I'm learning now or considering to in the future are:

  • Lua
  • C#
  • Racket
  • (and if this doesn't take a decade) Haskell

Some random stuff:

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