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An enthusiast software technologist with diverse experience of strategic, technical & architectural decision making, R&D, software analysis, requirement elicitation, design, client communication, development of desktop, web and network applications based on Applied Cryptography Protocols and RFC’s, Public Key Infrastructure [PKI], Public Key Cryptographic Standards [PKCS], Information Security, PDF Signatures & Encryption, PDF Parsing, Payment Networks, Payment Card Industry [PCI], ISO-8583 Standard w.r.t Visa, MasterCard & Discover and Online Transaction Processing.

On interpersonal side, I'm passionate about: life, food critique, mastering human relationships, blogging, history, music (new age, jazz, rock, hard rock, pop, ghazals, sufi, folk), movies (war, drama, adventure, mystery, biographies and love stories), emerging technologies and passing leisure time with friends.

I'm also enthusiast to learn about World Chronicles, World Timelines, History especially Islamic Reformers & etc.

I love photography, in leisure time I mostly like to shoot around.

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