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Ehsan Asgarian

Computer Science was my undergraduate major of study and I think that it did not only provide me with broad knowledge, but also gave me a deep understanding in most of the areas. This ever increasing interest persuaded me to continue my study to get my M.Sc. degree. I was thinking that two years of studying and researching would be a good opportunity to increase my knowledge about this science and partly satisfy my sense of curiosity. During Master of Science period, I found my interest in data mining, especially using clustering techniques to solve haplotype problems (Bioinformatics). Because of my really great interest in this field, after defining the working area of my M.Sc. thesis, I could publish around 10 national and international conference papers in less than a year. Moreover, I have recently submitted another paper in a journal; the related information could be found in my CV and exists online in my web site. Moreover, base on other courses that I have passed in MS, I researched on different domains partially; e.g. some work related to clustering algorithms and web mining which are in my CV. References to my publications can be found in my online resume at http://alum.sharif.edu/~asgarian. This is exactly true; I love research and doing academic activities and projects. It is true that I have studied in Azad University at B.Sc., but I ranked first in the university and reached the third position in the M.Sc. entrance exam. Moreover, I ranked 4th in the National Scientific Olympiad for university students. I am glad that I have never rolled back in any situation and I always try to move forward with higher and ever increasing effort. In four terms that I was teacher for computer science courses at various universities, I developed my ability to articulate ideas in a clear comprehensible manner.

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