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comment Errors linking libresolv when building PHP 5.2.10 from source on OS X
If EXTRA_LDFLAGS=-lresolv doesn't work, you can try adding "-lresolv" directly to the end of EXTRA_LIBS inside Makefile. If you don't see a line starting with EXTRA_LIBS, add it below the EXTENSION_DIR line like this: EXTRA_LIBS = -lresolv That worked for me.
comment MongoDB: Updating a document in an array
Just a guess, but it may have been voted down because the documentation states that the value to the update key is a modifier object, which kind of implies the inclusion of the modification instructional key word ($set, $push, etc). I thought your question was a fair once, since I personally find some inconsistencies in the mongodocs use of terminology, particularly with how it refers to various parameter components.
comment node.js main process killed by ABRT signal, but not caught by process.on(“SIGABRT”,…)
Thanks, but I'm actually trying to prevent the exit caused by the abort signal if possible or find out the cause by logging some data about the event. For now, I'm auto respawning it with upstart, but I'd rather handle it inside node if I could.
comment Upstart or Cron for neverending python background process in Ubuntu?
what are some of the issues you have with upstart? I've been using upstart to run a python http server that's been working great.
comment Extending native JS objects in Node.js?
thanks for the ref to Sugar. Any advice on how to do this as a module so that it can be pulled in easily into projects?
comment Best practice: escape, or encodeURI / encodeURIComponent
@Francois, depending on the receiving server, it may not properly decode how escape encodes upper ASCII or non-ASCII characters such as: âầẩẫấậêềểễếệ For example, Python's FieldStorage class won't decode the above string properly if encoded bye escape.