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comment What video file format and codec uses the least processing power?
@DanielMoĊĦmondor That doesn't really add anything. You haven't even tried to discuss a few codecs, and linking to a Wikipedia page doesn't constitute an answer. Also, although admittedly the OP isn't the most detailed the author did already specify 720p from the beginning and that his question is about processing requirements for playback.
comment What video file format and codec uses the least processing power?
This doesn't actually answer the question at all
comment make jquery wait before performing the next action
@avrahamcool The second one breaks if the mouse leaves before the first slideDown (.myprofile) finishes -- it slides back up, while the second slideDown continues and .logout remains visible. Can this be fixed to cancel the .logout slideDown when the mouse leaves?
comment Strange behaviour of Parsley.js in Safari
This bearded internet traveler was indeed helped. +1 for publishing how you use Parsley with HTML5 fallback. Seems obvious now, in hindsight, but they could really do with clarifying that in their docs.
comment How do I clear a blocked URL in email response
I get this bounce message just by replying without any additional URLs. So, the only URLs the e-mail contains are Facebook ones that were in the original comment notification.
comment FirePHP Suddenly stopped working
Why is this the accepted answer?
comment regexp in switch statement
The first example in this answer is better than all the other answers because it will always correctly match (or not) the subject of the switch(), whereas returning true or false from the preg_match() ternary could have unexpected results, as in @NikiC's empty string example.
comment Automatic post-registration user authentication
This isn't quite right with the release version of Symfony 2. You need to pass the user's roles as a fourth argument to the UsernamePasswordToken constructor, or it will be marked as unauthenticated and the user won't have any of their roles.
comment Include or require a vfsStream file
I'm having the same issue. The PHP documentation says that include/require accepts streams, so it seems that this should work. I've filed a bug report with vfsStream