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Co-founder and director of Opel IT Services

Have worked in the storage domain for around 8 years. Mostly in SAN, NAS, SMIS and Volume Management, for Veritas Software and EMC.
One of the most interesting projects I worked on involved porting the Veritas SAN Volume manager to a Brocade switch.

For the last two years I have been trying my hand at web based development. Have executed a number of projects in ASP.Net, and Django. Have developed a liking for Django and Python.

Have co-founded Opel IT Services with a view of providing Software development services and SaaS products

comment An error occured during creation of android sub-project. Package name must look like: com.company.Name
I had forgotten to specify --name before the Application name. Silly mistake really
comment Anything like Twitter Bootstrap for Android?
There seems to be no ready made theme available for Android, similar to bootstrap. I am new to Android and have not been able to locate one yet.
comment Android Failed to install HelloWorld.apk on device (null) Error
Thanks ! Solved my problem.
comment Django: limit_choices_to (Is this correct)
Did not understand your question. Could you be more clear?
comment Which is a more functional programming language, Haskell or Python?
Ok .. I did not want to say either language was good or bad, or one better than the other. Just wanted a perspective on what people who actually do functional programming think. Sorry if this started an argument.
comment Django - Loading templates from different project folder?
Could you be more clear about your problem?
comment Filtering the Aggregate in the Django ORM
How do your models look like?