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comment Encode and decode Bitmapdata for encryption
Note that PNGEncoder2.decode only works on images that were encoded with PNGEncoder2 in the first place.
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comment Colon in xml element
This is called an XML namespace. You'll need to search how to work with namespaces in order to generate the correct XML.
comment Can you create variables in a loop? C#
You can declare variables within a loop, but I think what you're looking for in this case is an array. The entries within an array are unnamed, but the array itself is named and individual entries are referred to by index.
comment 2D array created too large
C++ is not a "safe" language. If you do something you're not supposed to do (undefined behaviour), you don't generally get a friendly notice about it. Often by the time the bug manifests (with an unfriendly error) it's in some unrelated part of the code.
comment Linking Errors after change the output of an project in vs to .dll from .lib
You changed the configuration type of which project? The main one? All of them?
comment How does this for loop work? for ( ; i < length; i++ )
@nl-x: Hmm, beats me!
comment How does this for loop work? for ( ; i < length; i++ )
@nl-x: Good point. It's more compact, though slightly less readable; however, if the intent is to have a normal for loop, and there just happens to be no initialization step required, then I see nothing wrong with using that form. The real difference arises if there's a continue within the loop body -- the for form increments, but the while form does not. I've edited my answer to reflect this, thanks.
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comment How do I escape a '@' in a Dapper query?
@Marc: Good point! And thanks for your work on Dapper, by the way, it really is excellent.
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comment How do I escape a '@' in a Dapper query?
@Marc: Right, the difference is that SqlParameters are generated for the others, which SQL server looks at.
answered How do I escape a '@' in a Dapper query?
asked How do I escape a '@' in a Dapper query?
comment How to handle irregular bit sizes
+1, but you can quite simply just shift twice to get sign extension (assuming a signed type for value): value = value << (bits - 1) >> (bits - 1). EDIT: Actually, scratch that, that would only work in environments where the right-shift is an arithmetic one, which is implementation specific.
comment Visual Studio extension: How do I find which tool window is in the foreground in a tab link group?
@Jon: I imagine TryGetParent only works for non-root windows? Not sure why it would return null. Anyway, I meant IVsWindowManager, sorry! It has ImportSettings and ExportSettings methods. If you decompile the implementation of ExportSettings, it merely writes an XML document in memory, which should be quite fast (though it first gets the window profiles, I suppose that could be slow internally).
answered Custom keyword coloring in Visual Studio 2010+
comment Struct declaration and construction in C++
This is a mix of C and C++. You don't need to typedef your structs in C++, you can just name them (as you've also done). Also, your code runs fine for me.
comment Thread model and class instance memory management
Also, when you call a method, any stack space that that method requires is allocated on the calling thread's stack. Methods themselves don't have stacks, but rather threads do, which allows them to call functions/methods, etc.