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Returning to school for a degree in Computer Science after first degree didn't pan out so well. Hoping to graduate in 2014 but unsure as am currently attending university half-time while working full time to support my family. Have to take classes as they are available. Was first trained in Java, starting to branch out into Web-oriented languages (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET) as well as expanding into scripting with PERL and more OOP with C++/C#. Currently working on a personal website to house projects and to double as an online portfolio/resume. Pastimes include reading fiction, writing short stories, learning piano with my daughter and learning to cook more than just peanut butter & jelly, macaroni & cheese, and canned soup.

I'm always open to criticism and people pointing out better ways to do things, so if any of my questions or answers don't make sense, don't follow a standard, or are just wrong please let me know immediately (if you don't I'll just spread my wealth of misinformation around).

Keeping a low profile.

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