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I completed my Master studies in computer science at the University of Trento and RWTH Aachen and worked as a "early stage" researcher at the National Centre for Geocomputation in Ireland (with focus on crowdsourcing and social media analysis).

I am a software engineer at Facebook.

I simply like coding and helping others is a fulfilling way to stay up to date and give something back to the community and the web from which I learned so much.


Noteworthy projects:

  • FloatNotes - a Firefox addon which lets you add sticky notes to websites. Quite useful for SO as well, to keep links to various "duplicate questions" or language references. Here is an example of my screen.

  • Codingpad is a Google Chrome extension which opens a small popup that lets execute code right from the web page you are. It currently uses codepad.org as service, but plans for an API to easily integrate other backends are in the making. Very useful to quickly test your code examples on SO.

Better JavaScript docs for a better Web on MDN

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