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comment Bluetooth Core Framework callback routine peripheralManagerIsReadyToUpdateSubscribers: isn't called
So, in a nontrivial example with multiple characteristics, one would have to maintain a collection of queues, one for each characteristic? Or maybe a queue that contains dictionaries that tie the data to the characteristic?
comment How to get the name/id of default calendar in iOS 6
Don't worry about your app being TERMINATED by iOS when the user changes the privacy settings while your app is running. This is known/expected behavior, and not a bug:…
comment How to create a GUID/UUID using the iPhone SDK
[[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier] has been deprecated as of iOS 5, and Apple is now rejecting apps that use it (as of March 2012). The rest of the response is still accurate.
comment How build a custom control in Xcode for the iPhone SDK?
From that link: "Important: Interface Builder supports the creation of plug-ins for Mac OS X Cocoa-based views, controls, and objects only. You cannot create plug-ins for iOS Cocoa Touch or Mac OS X Carbon-based objects." So, no, it won't work for iOS/iPhone projects.
comment iPad launch orientation not detected
Thanks, but I already have "Supported interface orientations (iPad)" with 4 values and "Supported interface orientations" with 1 value in my plist (the iPhone version can only be used vertically, but the iPad version works in any orientation). I don't see any reference to supportedDeviceOrientations, so I assume that was a typo?
comment iPad launch orientation not detected
Maybe I should rewrite the question. In a nutshell what happens is that the views are rotated, but they are not resized. So in landscape mode, they show up as landscape, but the right side of the screen is white and there is some of the view hidden on the bottom. This only happens when my views are embedded directly in the Tab controller. If my views are inside a Navigation controller inside the Tab controller, then they are resized correctly. They are getting the "willRotateTo..." and "didRotateFrom..." messages correctly. They rotate, they just don't resize.