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Back-end knowledges.

My main programming stack is C#. I love Microsoft technologies and philosophies and all of my applications are made on the top their services – since Xbox until Windows Azure as cloud platform.

Unfortunately, not everybody can spend high investments on Microsoft technologies, then I needed to work on Open Source languages such as PHP and Ruby On Rails.

Talking about databases, I like MongoDB for the next big data; for low or medium needs, MySQL/MariaDB suits very well; going further, SQL Server is the star.

Still about programming, I'm getting into C++. What a powerful and delicious language to work on, huh? I started to work with it under the Unreal Engine 4, but as long time passes, I fallen in love. Today I'm trying to enhance my conceptual and technical skills to go beyond.

Front-end knowledges.

Talking about human features, I design websites by myself. I think the best thing I do or I did in my life is/was layouts. I was for a long time a full-time web applications and sites designer – but now, this reality belongs to the past.

Today, I advanced myself; today I am capable to work with interactive interfaces in the ground of JavaScript with no slack. For CSS, everything I develop is preprocessed by SASS (with glance!) and sometimes HAML.

For dynamic data shaping, Backbone is my main weapon. Well yeah, I can create beautiful model-based components effortless with modular and performatic concepts and techniques.

Hard software designing knowledges.

Since when I was a child, I always dreamed in create games - who didn't? And today, in 2014, I get started with game design.

My modeling platform is powered by Maya and Zbrush - although I'm still not a veteran and have transcendental, eye-candy skills - and the foundation whose I choosed to grow my games up is Unreal Engine 4 for the seamlessly, smart development.

Personal achievements.

  • I am gamer since always;
  • Lover of immersive stories that people, movies, games or books tells;
  • I am a good learner if the subject belongs to me;
  • Open mind to new technologies and practices;
  • Hater of dirty code - although sometimes I can't avoid some workarounds;
  • English, German and French-language lover, but the only one that I can really play is the first one;
  • I don't like digital social networks very much, such as Facebook or Twitter;
  • I hate Tumblr.

Musical personality.

My favorite band consist in The Offspring. I can listen to them all day long without churn.

Another music-makers that I appreciate very much:

  • Creedance Clearwater Revival;
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers;
  • Pearl Jam;
  • Foo Fighters;
  • Rise Against;
  • Chris & Thomas;
  • AC/DC;
  • Etc.

The order means nothing.

Favorite quote.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Psalm 90:12

I have no religion, I just liked the phrase itself.