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I am 32 years old. I have two awesome kids one girl and one boy. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man. I am very proud of my life now and what I have achieved of my life. When I was growing up it wasn't a terrible childhood, but I was a bI wasn't the best child. I did get in lots of trouble. But worst of all I wasn't close to my dad,brother, or mom. I did graduate from High school but few months after I was out of school my mother passed away. It was unexpected.. I was married for 7YRS. BUT I started down the wrong road again with alcohol,drugs, and lots of party. I got pregnant it slowed mr down for awhile then I got back on alcohol and drugs. Two years later I had my son. This time my ex-husband and I wasn't getting along at all. We would always beat up on each other. It was terrible. I put up with it a total of ten years. 2011 tha was the last time I have had a hand placed on me. I got my kids taken away and I lefted my ex. an even tho I didn'0 have my kids I still wasn't clean. 2012 one year exactly from today I got my kids back and I have been sober more then a year. I love every breathe,minute,and moment with my kids life and my man.. Thanks

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