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comment How do I make meteor server through proxy?
Can you give us an example of how to use http-more to set a proxy server with a meteor project ?
comment iPhone/iPad App Code Obfuscation - Is it Possible? Worth it?
These tools hook into the build process and operate mostly transparently to the app. You normally have to create a config file that tells the tool what types of protection you want and where it needs inserting and these files can get complicated. There isn't normally a runtime SDK though.
comment Patching Mach-o Binary
Very good example indeed - thanks.
comment web framework that produces stand alone encrypted, distributable web application?
It's possible to reverse engineer anything with sufficient effort but Haskell code would be particularly tricky because of the abstractions and optimisations involved. I'd start by downloading the 'Haskell Platform' and then looking at 'Learn you a Haskell'. After that try Snap. An encrypted wrapper would only add a superficial layer of protection since it would have to be decrypted in memory. I'm not aware of free binary code obfuscators or encryptors but they may exist.
comment Comparing Haskell's Snap and Yesod web frameworks
Of the two I plumped for Snap simply because, at the time, it seemed to have the greater momentum. I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the components. Heist has a beautifully simple and clean design that is probably the best templating system I've seen on any web framework on any language that I've used. The Snap monads are easy to work with and behave pretty much as you'd expect i.e. no nasty surprises. I just wish that they'd standardise on either ByteStrings or Text as you are constantly converting between them !
comment Machine learning in OCaml or Haskell?
As an update, I did rewrite my library in Haskell and the code was just beautiful in Haskell with the core library going from 1200 lines of C code to just over 100 lines of Haskell. Performance was about 4 times slower than C but I'm now looking at using the GPU accelerated Data.Array library to massively parallelise key parts on many GPU's. I had also looked at doing this in C but it would have meant a huge painful rewrite.
comment How long does it take for you to be comfortable with Haskell?
"OCaml is widely recognised as one of the fastest languages in the world" - on there is no appreciable difference between Haskell and OCaml and in many cases Haskell is faster. I think OCaml being faster than Haskell is now a misconception. Sure, this particular example could be done faster in OCaml with mutable data but that's not to say that OCaml is a faster functional language than Haskell.