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CS student with a certain hate for smug code hipsters and a passion for Python, good design, Free Software and Open Source.

The great C++ dilemma

Am I the only one to believe in the existence of a secret C++ committee in charge of sorting out new concepts every 15 minutes, just to make sure no one can master it, except for (perhaps) Bjarne?

The Ultimate Pro Gold ©® List of Annoying Buzzwords

That is to say, shiny new names for things that people have been dealing with since the 1970s. I do not question the advantages of the various technologies that we usually refer to with these terms, I only feel contempt for the big hype we put on these words, considering the absolute lack of meaning and specificity they have.

Here we go!

  • Cloud a mystical, metaphysical entity that embraces everything that has access to the Internet. Wut?
  • Bigdata how big?
  • To be continued

What I learnt

  • Upvoting downvoted answers it's not your task to take away the right to vote of other people. Upvote is for content you found useful, not for making justice.
  • Format your code show a sign of respect towards fellow users, always provide nicely formatted code. People are not likely to loose time trying to make sense of a tangled mess of parentheses. Bonus: if you can mess up Python code, well, duh...
  • Always be polite no explanation needed.
  • Explain downvote reason if not self-evident most people believe their answers are correct when posting, so if you spot a gross error (justifying a downvote) in a reasoned answer, maybe drop a line to tell what's wrong. We are all here to learn :)
  • Learn C I see a lot of people (mostly from college/university, but this is not the point) posting C code that demostrates the lack of the most basic concepts of this language. Maybe it's because C is taught in many places as an introductory programming language, maybe not. Well, it's very easy to get a basic-intermediate knowledge of C, but one has to learn it. It's no use hammering statements the hard way until one gets something that compiles.
  • Don't answer "do my homework" questions I iterate in comments that StackOverflow is a Q&A site, not a 0$-freelancer marketplace, but people keep frustrating the statement above by throwing the regular two lines of code. However trivial the answer might be, just don't post it. Let thos folks learn how to learn properly. Besides, you seldom get upvotes for those answers and you regularly have to beg for an accept, so you can't even say you are buying easy rep points with that.
  • "It does not work" it is very hard to debug the approximation of a problem of uncertain cause. Always specify the details, include any error message/stack trace, add your hypothesis. If it is related to a program you wrote, then trim the source code to the smallest possible instance still generating the same error. If it is a tool/library, always include all the relevant version numbers.

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