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Devyn Collier Johnson graduated high-school at the age of sixteen. He attends college as a commuting student maintaining the Dean's list. He majors in electrical technology engineering and plans to earn several other degrees in computers technology and programming. Devyn Collier Johnson has learned many computer languages. Some he taught himself while others his father taught him and helped him understand. Some of the languages he knows include Xaiml, AIML, Unix Shell, Python3, VPython, PyQT, PyGTK, Coffeescript, GEL, SED, Lua, Scala, Ceylon, HTML4/5, CSS3, SVG, and XML. Devyn knows bits and pieces of some other languages and libraries (like PyQwt). Devyn is familiar and has used many operating systems and IDEs. He earned four computer certifications in April 2012 and those four being NCLA, Linux+, LPIC-1, and DCTS; he has also earned one college degree. His Linux Professional ID is LPI000254694. Devyn has also done some beta-testing for Wallch, SuperTux, Firefox, and some other projects/applications.

In July 2012, Devyn Collier Johnson decided to make his own chatterbot. He designed his own markup language (Xaiml) and AI/SI engine (ProgramPY-SH or Pysh). On March 3, 2013, Devyn published his new chatterbot on The bot is named Neo ( which is from the Proto-Indo European word for "new". He has created other chatbots that use the Pysh engine. Devyn is the inventor and copyright owner of Pysh, Xaiml, and the Betabots.

Devyn maintains a few other projects. He makes Firefox themes (; he also has many other graphic design projects. Most of his programming projects are hosted on, and some are mirrored on Some other miscellaneous projects can be found in the links below. - I wrote the Clementine review - I wrote an article in this magazine

Email: (DevynCJohnson at Gmail dot com)

Devyn is willing to relocate for any large company that wants to hire him. His phone number and resume are available upon request from a valid company email address. He is also eager to learn and is open to any training programs any company may wish to provide.

Donations are welcome via Paypal. Paypal account is the same as my email address.