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My name is Fernando (as can be viewed in my profile) and, firstly, i love programming!

I'm a Brazilian 18 year old boy (and yes, i not know very english (but i'm learning (or trying to learn) about it))

I learned to develop with about 13 years old, and today i have 17..four years of pure (yes, it's basically pure) programming.

I intend to learn more and more, always. I loves things such as performance, OOP, Python, PHP, Javascript, CoffeeScript, SASS and everything that can boost some part of programming, in performance of application or developing, as a example.

I love libraries, specially when it uses things as HTML 5 and unexplored API, and i love real time and brute processing. (as encountered in some analytics service or in a high load website)

Nowadays, i work on Meritt, a brazilian business that have much things that i write about in this text, and, in this work, i can confirm even more that i really loves programming. (seriously)

And this is all. See (and follow, if you want) me in social networks at http://about.me/fjorgemota.

Sorry for the repeated information. (about things such "i love programming")

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