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I am a software engineer at Google, working on the Search Infrastructure team and having way more fun at work than I had ever thought possible.

Prior to that, I was a software engineer and team leader at Capital IQ, where I worked on both the ClariFI quantitative analysis software as well as the portfolio analytics features of the Capital IQ web platform.

In just the past few years, I have gone from working on the Java/Swing front-end of an installed application to the Scala back-end of a web application and back to the ASP.NET front-end of the same web application. Now that I'm at Google, I'm wrestling with the gnarly C++ middleware of one of the biggest and fastest systems on the planet.

So, really any technology is interesting to me if I can make it do something useful, although I'm biased in favor of anything that I can analyze statically and/or reason about easily.

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