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I originally began "programming" around the age of 12 working primarily with PHP (using MySQL as a database), although I also had a limited understanding of Perl and C++.

When I entered college, I had no intention of pursuing any coursework dealing with the computer sciences, but through the workings of some cosmic joke (i.e., the algorithm in the course placement software filling one of my first-choice classes before it reached my entry) I ended up in Computer Science: An Accelerated Introduction. It was a semester of basic logic structures implemented in Python. And then I took a deep breath and dove into the next course, Data Structures and Algorithms, taught using Java. On to Web Programming and the Theory of Databases, taught using PHP and PostgreSQL. Then the Soul of the Machine which looked at how computations worked at the processor level along with examples in MIPS and C, and finally Software Design and Development put exemplified how to construct an application from requirements to deployment in a team environment.

Along the way I built proof-of-concepts using the Django framework, learned Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails, somehow ended up administrating the computer science department's computer labs (OS X and Ubuntu) as well as its primary server (Fedora then Arch running PostgreSQL and Apache HTTPd), ripped the logic out of a class project and properly implemented it in object-oriented fashion so it could actually be deployed the next morning, got a good view of Scala, got frustrated by someone inserting copy-and-paste JavaScript into our project codebase, and learned a lot of paradigmatic theories of application and system architecture along the way.

Now, in the hours when I'm not job hunting, I spend my days continuing to flesh out my understanding of programming. I've recently been experimenting with C#, ASP.NET Web API 2, OWIN, the Katana Project, and Entity Framework. Along the way I've learned about repositories and units of work. I'm also planning out a project in Scala using OrientDB.

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