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Coding since I was 7... with a Timex Sinclair 1000 (2KB of RAM :)
I still code like when I was 7 :P (I miss when line numbers where mandatory on Basic :) I'm a disaster coding :)

Been messing around a lot of ugly coding languages (if they deserve to be called languages) like Lingo for Director, Action Script, Lotus Script (very much against my will, I have to admit). My first professional assignment was on GW Basic, then skipped to Fox, then to Lotus Notes (and Notes Automation Classes) and then to ASP. nasty.

These days, I prefer not to touch any line of code, if possible, for the good sake of my fellow coworkers.

I know my way around some technologies like Oracle and MS SQL, and a bit of ASP .Net, and well, HTML and others related to web development.

And yes, I still cannot grasp the basic understanding of OOP.

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