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I loved Lego as a kid, and I still like building things. I believe a blank sheet of paper is a challenge to be accepted. I enjoy confronting a software design problem: working out a solution and implementing it. Presented with the big picture, I try to find a way to make what I’m working on fit harmoniously. I like to write code. Getting the details right matters. I’m not dogmatic: Building something that works as needed is more important than a specific technology or tool. It’s been almost ten years, and I still enjoy building with code.

Like: Photography, Coding, Reading, Travelling, Hiking (when it's not snowing), and Skiing (when it is snowing).

Developer skill spew: Java, Android, HTTP APIs, WPF+XAML, ASP.Net, WCF, WinForm, HTML+CSS+JS, and much much more!

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