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I write small tools that modify and apply each other. This provides operators to concisely express function and variation.

Writing my own build tool, because others insist on an overall control file, rather than being assembled at the command line from a library of shell scripts.

My changes to Inferno: http://code.google.com/r/jasoncatena-acmesac/source/list

comment What GNU make substitute do you recommend?
downvote: you must code dependency-checking manually, and bash doesn't keep a list of built targets. See "Dependency Checking: make vs. Shell Scripts" at docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/805-4035/6j3r2rqne?a=view
comment Generating truth tables for logic expressions in Haskell
When I was in college my best friend was a pocket-sized dayrunner. Never forgot about homework, prioritized by nearest due date (they say that's most efficient).
comment In GNU Make, how do I convert a variable to lower case?
Make sure you put curly braces or parentheses around any variable name longer than one character. $VAR will be evaluated by make to AR unless $V is set to something, so use ${VAR} instead.