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Programming since the early '80s: games on the Commodore Pet. 16K is enough for anybody!

Then Uni to read chemistry before returning to programming, professionally this time, on small devices. Lots of C and C++ on small devices, MS-DOS and Windows. (If you think Windows 8 is bad you should have tried to use 1 and 2 !)

Led some large programs, led part of the IBM San Francisco project (one of, if not the, first large Java developments).

Regular contributor to the, now defunct, .EXE magazine and technically edited one of the first books on Visual C++.

Consulted for Rational, teaching RUP, Use Case modelling, OOAD etc etc.

After that started working for large government accounts as a technical authority in e-services, specialising in recovering failed programmes which led me to pick up major strands in information security and resilience.

Currently working for IBM as a senior managing architect.

Still programming as a hobby: mainly Common Lisp, Clojure and Apple's new Swift (which has the virtue of not being as awful as Objective-C).

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