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My name is Aitor Martín Gonzalez, born and living in Bilbao, Spain.

I've been all my life interested in programming, and my passion has always been to work in a large company team developing software.

I like to develop all kind of software in any kind of language / enviroment. I'm proficent in Python, but I also know C++, Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Html5 + CSS3 + JS / jQuery / AngularJS.

I've done tons of microprojects myself. I've develop a couple of games in Python, C++ and HTMl5 + AngularJS, also several websites using Java's Servlet, Python's Flask microframework and Ruby's Ruby on Rails (which is amazing btw).

Everything I know is self-learnt. I've tried university several times but my interest is purely code, and everything related to software development. Sadly in Spain there are only 2 universities teaching careers like Computer Sicence or Software Development, so I left Computer Engineering. I have a title on Computer System and Networks Administrator achieved in 2013.

This doesn't mean anything. I've been programming for 9 years already, everyday learning something new and I'm hungry for more knowledge.

I've also been profesionally working for Pejman Makhfi for 1 year, developing several projects and actively developing alone http://uniddo.com/start which has allowed me to learn more about Task-Management Software and day to day problem solving in a huge software project.

There isn't much more I can say about me. I'm really willing to join a great company with a team and work on what I've been passionate for all my life. Always willing to learn something new!

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